Design Process

We discussed what bad design is and came up with the following:

  • Fails to fulfil brief
  • Badly crafted
  • Fails to recognise conventions
  • Fails to be novel
  • Fails to communicate
  • Lacks a central concept

We also discussed how you can create good or great design and as long as you follow the design process and don’t miss any steps then the eventual outcome should be a design that is good and fulfils a brief. The design process is as below:

  1. Define – brief; this is where we establish what the brief is. We can achieve this by asking who, why, what, where, the target audience, keywords and values.
  2. Research – background; to research we can use either primary and secondary research
  3. Ideate – solutions
  4. Prototype – resolve
  5. Select – rationale
  6. Implement – delivery
  7. Learn – feedback