Motion Graphics – Kinetic Typography Ideas

So what is Kinetic Typography?

It is an animation technique where audio and motion text are combined to enhance or portray the emotions of the audio.

I first decided to research into existing kinetic typography that was already placed on you tube. Below are a couple of examples that I thought were done really well.





This got me thinking on what audio to use, so I thought I would brainstorm a few ideas and see where it would lead me. See below for brainstorm.

This brainstorm combined with the Stephen Fry Video started to get me thinking to see what was available on BBC Radio1, I downloaded many podcasts and couldn’t find anything that jumped out to me to be important or suitable. So I began researching into radio interviews and tried to get an interview with Stella McCartney as I find her very inspirational, however I was unsuccessful. I was beginning to get frustrated. Then on Thursday 6th October I was listening to the very start of Chris Moyle’s morning show as I couldn’t sleep and they were discussing the recent passing of Steve Jobs. Steve  Jobs passed away on the 5th October 2011 after 7 years of fighting cancer. On that Thursday morning I knew what Chris Moyle’s was saying was so true and felt it was amusing but respectful and appreciative of the work of Steve Jobs and felt that I needed a part of that show for my kinetic typography.  After downloading and dissecting the show to see which  30-60 seconds would be best and flowed well, I choose the below. Let me know what you lot think.