Modernism is about something that is new and revolutionary and can be expressed as anything from the 19th century that was demonstrating a reaction to the revolutionary items. Within modernism there were movements that had certain beliefs and created art, design and writting in accordance to this. One huge movement was Avant-Garde, which was known for looking at the world in a completely different way and innovative. Within Avant-Garde there were smaller movements such as futurism, dadaism, de stijl, russian constructivism, and Bauhaus.

  • Futurism – originally started in Italy, this was a movement that was out to shock and often used alot of expressive but simple typography.
  • Dadaism – the main purpose of this movement was to make us reconsider everything and ridicule the modern world. this movement began during world war one
  • De Stijl – was more of a style and is closely linked to cubism, this style was, they narrowed everything down and created simple designs and liked to call their style neoplasticism
  • Russian Constructivism – the purpose was to create political and unique work and saw art as a practice for social purposes.
  • Bauhaus – original a school, their mission was to unify design and art and technology to make fantastic and innovative pieces