Manifesto Research

The first assignment that is due in is to write a manifesto. Over the past few weeks I have been researching on what to put in my manifesto. I started by finding one or two manifestos, as I had never written one or read one before, I found and These gave me an idea of the format and what principles, beliefs could be put into a manifesto I have to admit, I don’t really understand the futurist manifesto but it gave me the idea that really anything can be written to demonstrate your opinions, principal or intention. Bruce Mau’s manifesto really gave me some ideas on that it could be very personal, or could be broad opinons on how certain things relate to society

I decided that I should now brainstorm, funnily enough, within me as I was writting Manifesto the middle title, I knew what I wanted to write the whole manifesto on  but felt as part of the design process I needed to get everything down, incase one of my smaller ideas was ‘the one’.

After brainstorming I decided to think of any quotes I especially wanted to include. At that moment, I felt I wanted a quote from Paul Rand, the fashion industry and Saul Bass, however without knowing how my structure or chosen subjects were going to react with each other I would be unable to find relevant quotes at this time.