Manifesto Ideas and Structure

After brainstorming, all I wanted to do was start writing. So thats what I did, I wrote the whole manifesto on a Tesco value notepad, scribbled away and not afraid to cross out. I ended up with nearly 6 A5 sides of scribble that didn’t make real grammatical sense at all, and didn’t include a summary or quotations or much else apart from my thoughts and beliefs.

I finally felt like my ideas were down on paper and I could organise them and put them into a real manifesto. Now I had an idea of what i was writing about, how it flowed and what type of quotes would be suitableI knew that i wanted to include a Paul Rand quote from an interview, a quotation from this amazing book I just borrowed from the library and something from Oliviero Toscani. So I had my 3 sources but I felt this wasn’t enough, so off I went to do some more research on my chosen subjects to find other relevant sources that could substantiate my points.

I had already decided by then what my structure was going to be:

  • Introduction.
  • Self Belief
  • Creativity
  • Good Motives
  • Conclusion/Summarisation

I ended up using a variation of different sources, magazines, interviews, websites, political statements and books. The title of my manifesto came from a film and ties in quite nicely with my ending sentence. The title is called ‘With Great Design, Comes Great Responsibility’. I will upload the final manifesto once the assignment deadline has passed 😉