Research-what others have already done.

I decided to have a look and see what websites catch my eye to give me some inspiration on a few  ideas.

On this website I love the fact that it looks like chalk on slate or a blackboard, its very welcoming and witty. The big type to begin with make it look up to date and the navigation of the site in enhanced by its simple navigation bar.

I think this website is great because you can tell the designer was trying to make it as user friendly as possible with funny quotes. There is more use of symbols here to demonstrate items.

I love the navigation bar on this with the transparency. And the way photography has been placed smaller under the title makes you instantly know what the website is about.

I know using too many different types can sometimes create a crazy website, but this designer has done it really well, and at the right timing.

This is one of my favourites, I love that typeface and how simple the whole site is, but it is so effective.

The title on this page is clear, the navigation is easy but styled well. I think I’m just not sure on that red/burgundy colour.

This is so like what I think wordpress blog looks and the same style is used over and over again. probably because it is each to read, you know where to look and how the hirachy of the page makes it userfriendly. the navigation is easy to find and not over complicated.