Research – Recycling

We were set a brief in where we would have to research a subject that we thought could touch someones heart. I decided for a bit of inspiriation I would read up on the background of the subject. So I found which discusses Stefan Sameister’s principals on design that can touch someone’s heart. There are many ways in which we can touch someone’s heart. From that we were set the idea that we had to come up with 5 areas of interest to students/staff at Broadstair’s CCCU campus. We ended up with Sports, Recycling, Horizons cafe/bar, Nightlife and Residence of Halls. As a small group we had to choose 3 of these areas of interest and research them and create a presentation. Our group decided to research Sports, Recycling and Horizons cafe/bar. I decided I would specialise in Recycling as I feel personally that it works nicely with how I believe designers should be respoinsible for how their designs can effect the world we live in.

So I wasn’t too sure where to start. I made a bullet point list to come up with a few ideas. Firstly, I thought lets find out what is recycling, look at a few videos and websites. So I immediately went to which is UK’s official campaign for recyclying. This gave me masses of information that I could include in the presentation. However, I thought how can I make this interesting to the viewer, as I am sure they dont want to read masses of facts and figures. To make it more interesting I have included pictures and diagrams with the most important information. I also discussed what is currently available at the uni, and that it maybe that its the students and staff that are unaware. I then came up with a reasonable amount of ideas of how to promote awareness.