Final brief section

After doing our initial brief, we decided to change who was doing what to make it a bit broader in opinions, and to make it fair work wise. This time we have decided to combine the research and a few more pics into a ‘pack that would be supplied to the designer to give them even more background on the brief. I was set to rewrite and specify the design challenge more, below is what I ended up with. It is very difficult to be specific but still be broad enough not to tie the designer down too much, I believe I have done quite well.

“Your brief is to design an item that can be personalised by students and staff; it also needs to touch someone’s heart. This item would be placed near the pool table in Horizon’s. Currently Horizon’s is described as bland, dull and uninviting; we want to change this. Your item should be exciting, creative and different. We also need you to consider on how to touch the hearts of the target audience. We believe the best way to touch someone’s heart is through provoking emotions so please contemplate inspiration, motivation, curiosity and individuality when designing the item. The item needs to be suitable for a work and educational environment and for public use. If mention of the name Horizon’s is placed on the item, it will need to be in correlation with Horizon’s current logo and branding. The item itself can be anything and of any size.”