Final Brief

We had to finalize our brief and break it into smaller sections, this is our final copy.

Design Challenge

Your brief is to design an artefact that can be personalised by students and staff; it also needs to touch someone’s heart. This artefact would be placed near the pool table in Horizon’s. Currently Horizon’s is described as bland, dull and uninviting; we want to change this. Your artefact should be exciting, creative and different. We also need you to consider on how to touch the hearts of the target audience.

Touching Someone’s Heart

At this moment in time Horizon’s does not touch the hearts of its students and staff.
We can touch someone’s heart in so many ways, whether it’s an individual or a community. People can have different reactions to designs/objects. So we would like you to touch someone’s heart by using:
• Emotion – the feelings of happiness, calmness, surprise.
• Inspiration
• Beauty
• Evoking memories
• Motivation
• Curiosity.
We believe the best way to touch someone’s heart is through provoking emotions so please contemplate inspiration, motivation, curiosity and individuality when designing the artefact. We believe this would draw our target audience into Horizon’s and give a more welcoming atmosphere.


The Broadstairs campus of Christ Church University has a café called Horizon’s, which according to the website is the social hub which plays a big part in a student’s social life. In the evening it transforms into a small nightclub/bar, whereas in the daytime it does not boost you in anyway. The room is not of a great size but it never seems full. This could be related to the lack of pictures, decoration or announcements. Horizons does not seem to be using its full potential, walls are left empty and there is no change from week to week. There are TV monitors located on two walls but do not seem to be showing anything worthwhile.

Target Audience

The target audience to consider are students and staff, both male and female, and averaging between the ages of 18-50. The percentage of students of Canterbury Christ Church University; under 18 years old: 0.5%, 18-20 years old: 27.4%, 21-24 years old: 16.4%, 25-29 years old: 10.9%, 30+ years old: 44.8%. The students are studying a variation of degrees for example, Graphic Design, Photography, Early Childhood Studies, Policing and many more.


The artefact needs to be suitable for a work and educational environment and for public use. If mention of the name Horizon’s is placed on the artefact, it will need to be in correlation with Horizon’s current logo and branding, please do not redesign this. The artefact itself can be anything and of any size.