Stock Photography

Yesterday I had arranged to take some stock photography of myself so that I could manipulate for Lens Based Media assignment. The photographs were taking using DSLR camera canon EOS 600 and the photos were taking indoors, in my dinning room with indoor lights on and use of flash. The lighting seems really good considering we had very little daylight. My partner took the pics, but I came up with the ideas, we took from different angles. After taking about 300 pictures and realising I’m definitely not born to be a model, I have narrowed it down to 6 pictures. One of the pictures was a test picture(in brown jumper) and was complete luck, but it is one of my favourite pics of the 6, so I may need to look into a slight change of concept. My second fav picture is the standing up picture that provides an element of lost and loneliness which fitted in exactly with my initial concept. Please find below the 6 pictures.