Lens Based Developed

After messing around with various tree tops, branches and vines, I have settled with this, the trees were originally a vector image with a pattern placed over the top is various opacity and sizes, I believe this has given me a realistic image. I didn’t want to do loads with my face as I wanted to make it look realistic. As a perfectionist I feel that a piece of work is always in progress and can never be fully complete as there’s always changes or tweaking to do, however I feel this shows a good range of my abilities in Photoshop and is a suitable profile picture. I also believe it does a good job at using rule of thirds with the eye level being on the top horizontal line of the grid. Also with various colours and levels I believe I have portrayed a hopeful and growth concept. In addition, all darker parts are in the bottom third makes the movement from dark to light which is also helping the concept of hope.