Motion Graphics Process

I kept putting this assignment off, I knew exactly what I wanted to do but I knew how much work it would be to do, and was unsure of where to start. I decided I would spend two whole days getting just to get the manufacturing done. I mainly followed this tutorial to aid me This tutorial really helped me in structuring my work, as I was unsure what I was doing, as this was the first time I was left alone with after effects and expected to create something. I found going from illustrator to After effects rather easy but this ended me up with 99 layers, which was way too much to cope with. So I used pre-compositions to help me concentrate on one sentence at one time and then combined this with all the rest of the sentences and the audio to create my final piece. I ended up with 10 sentences, the apple texture and my audio file within my final composition. I wish I would’ve been able to include a camera in my animation instead of using scale. I was never confident with cameras and they seemed to confuse the position of items, this was my main reason in not including a camera as I was unsure on how they work and felt limited on time so decided scale and position would work just as well. Please find below a few screenshots of my different layers and how I’ve put my pre-compositions in the same final composition. I found rendering incredibly difficult and was quite time-consuming as it kept throwing up a frame size error, so this had to be rectified and then it took 45 mins to render.