Scary Movie Research

During my survey research I found that most people thought the exorcist and the ring was the scariest. I thought I would have a look at the film covers to see if it would provide any inspiration of typography or direction.

On The Ring’s film cover they use childish typeface as the main title to make it look innocent which brings the film a whole new dimension of scariness. As discussed about why children are used in horror films, is that it provoke an empathy in the audience because they want to look after and protect these children which makes these horror films even more uncomfortable. Also on this cover the ring looks a bit misty, i think this is to provoke mystery and unknown. Also the white on the black makes this cover seem dark and like something is hiding in the shadows.

This a film that is a lot older, however again because of the use of children in the film and how demonic they are makes it incredibly easy to remember. The typeface used on this film cover is quite basic and easy to read, however because of the shining light it does make me think there is another force at act and god or religion will overcome it. Again the picture shows that this bedroom light is brightly shining on this gentleman as if he is the solution. On the other hand everything else is so dark that you can’t make out detail bringing out the unknown and what lurks in the shadows.