Stock Pictures

When choosing stock I used them all from Deviantart.

I choose this sky stock as I thought the light and clouds really could demonstrate hope with a few changes in colours. Also the size of the stock photo is just big enough for my image.

I choose this bark texture because of the honey colours and how beautiful they are. the picture also shows great detail of the bark.

I choose this tree root picture as it looks like the easiest to do a background removal on, the image was huge so using one root would be great detail and I wouldn’t have to scale it up so it becomes all pixellated.

I decided to use these tree vectors as there was quite a bit of variety and detail. All as they were vectors you could easily scale up and it wouldn’t become distorted. I found these vectors a lot easier to handle especially as I already know Adobe Illustrator. These vectors come in only one plain colour black, so a texture was applied in varying opacities to make it life-like.

The Ladybird image was used because it was easy to remove from its background, it had lovely bright colours and was huge.

For the slight bit of moss used I decided to use a moss brush, I chose this one as there were looks of brushes to choose from and I could apply the moss where I wanted and in whatever colour or size I wanted