Lens Based Profile Final

After showing this to my lecturer we discussed what the most important part of the picture was and how to direct the viewers eye to that. So on this I have changed a few branches and believe this definitely makes a stronger picture with more direction instead of just a block of trees. I have added more light behind me and upped the golden skin tones of my skin slightly. I have added highlights and shadows and a drop shadow to the forefront branches include an insect and a tiny bit of moss. This all makes this picture more dynamic and I also feels it gives more movement to the image. Let me know what you think.

This composite started with the sky stock and changed the levels and curves to achieve a golden hue. I then removed the background on the stock pictures I took of myself, did blemish removal and made my skin look better and done some work on the eye to make it pop and then changed the colour to a bit more golden. I duplicated parts of my neck down to make it longer, applied a texture and used an adjustment layer to blur it in. I also then aded cut outs of the branches ontop the texture and reduced opacity and used an adjustment layer. I added a soft bright light behind my head which was ahcieved with a large soft white brush and lowered the opacity. I then added the vector trees/branches applied a texture to them and again reduced the opacity. Then I added highlight around parts of my head likethe lips and hair so it looks like the light is shining on, I also added highlights and dark bits to the close up branches. I then added moss where it was the darkest on the close up branches, added the ladybird which also had the colours amended to be more golden. I then added a slight shadow on my neck from the branches. Then i was done