After brainstorming

After brainstorming we thought as we all live quite far away from each other that we should split up the work evenly, we all did bits of the research. My main role was to compile the whole presentation, this involved chasing up for work, filling in blanks where we hadn’t considered who would do what, it would involve coming up with the design of the presentation and the whole layout. On top of this I also had my even share of the research to do, 3 initial ideas and a developed idea to represent.We have now got 32 pages in the presentation.

Page 1 – title page on who wrote brief and who wrote the presentation

Page 2-4 – original brief we were given

Page 5 – this is where we rewrote the brief, I did this as we hadn’t considered who would do this when our group met, however we had discussed it loosely so it is based on that

Page 6 – a brainstorm we did when our group met up

Page 7 – a word cloud that I did to enhance my thoughts and research

Page 8 – the summary and brainstorm was done by Sadaf and I enhanced it with a definition and a small word cloud

Page 9-11 – was the research I did on how to portray and evoke emotions that were described in the brief

Page 12 – was a summary of the research I did on the target audience

Page 13-14 – Is where Sadaf researched about ergonomics as this was important to consider

Page 15 – Is where Fliss researched into the materials we could use concentrating on green materials

Page 16 – Is where Sadaf researched into various sizes of boards

Page 17-19 – Is where Fliss researched into creative places and the types of things that was available there

Page 20-21 – I researched into what types of personalization products already existed

Page 22 – Is where I discussed a cup statue

Page 23 – Fliss sketched up about a hand print wall

Page 24 – I drew on Photoshop our slide show model showing examples of students work

Page 25 – Is where Fliss and Sadaf jointly represented a fabric pin board

Page 26 – Is a drawing I did to represent write on zebra wallpaper

Page 27 – Is where Sadaf looked into inspirational and motivational quotes

Page 28 – Is where Fliss researched into what typography could be used in the final product

Page 29 – I drew up in Photoshop thumbprint making up an inspirational quote in helvetica bold.

Page 30 – Is where Fliss drew up sketches of personalised pins and tags

Page 31 – Fliss drew up the final product using Google Sketch Up

Page 32 – I took the Google Sketch up image and removed background and placed it in horizons picture supplied to us in research.