A3 Poster

This is the final quote I chose. The main text is Helvetica Bold as this is striking a hugely famous type is current design. I masked the word world into a circular shape to represent the sphere, as you can see previously I have played about will actually using a sphere of the world. I have changed the typeface of ‘rock and roll’ to make it american rock n roll days such as Elvis, please see previous post. The words Graphic Design are closer to the top of the page as this is priority, majority of the statement is in the center as it was a bold comment and needs your full attention. I have included the author’s name as this is important for further interest, however I have located his name smaller and near the bottom right, so away from the natural flow of reading. I have aligned everything onto the left side to make it easier to read, and therefore the slight change in type is more obvious. I have increased the line spacing slightly around rock and roll again to make it obvious the typeface has changed and then changes back to helvetica bold again, also it helps separate the world from blending in with the lines around it and makes it seem like it is part of its own line. In the word world I have decreased the letter spacing so they all seem to touch and be as one, I left a slight letter spacing so the word was still readable. The word world is in capitals to draw your eye to the roundness so it does seem like a sphere like the planet earth is. I have made the background a very dark red, as rock and roll was always known for its vibrant reds and blacks, and this tone seemed to suit the white type to make it very bold and striking.