Eating Disorder Research

Before I can start coming up with a colour scheme, a typeface, some images, and a background images and a story, I need to have some content. I have decided I will use mainly info published by B-eat which is a UK charity that provide information, help and support to people affected by eating disorders. You can go to the website here: B-eat is a charity that is close to my heart as a close friend of mine is suffering from EDNOS – Bulimia with Anorexic tendancies and B-eat has provided alot of help and support for her and her family. I would like to at the end of the ssignment send a copy to the charity to see if they would use it at all. This does add alot more  pressure for quality and abiding to their media rules but I believe it will give the video more of an identity and direction. B-eat has a strong branding, so I think this will direct the way the infographic looks. Also I can use alot of leaflets, posters and images to inspire or provide info, such as the ones below.

B-eat Leaflet

B-eat Media Guidelines

B-eat Poster

I think I need to make clear to the audience what an eating disorder is, who and how many people suffer from it, the symptoms(physical, behavioural and phychological) and what treatment is avilable and who can help. The infographic needs to be clear, consice, easy to read, nice to look at, and a bit shocking. I think i need to draw up a rough storyboard of how i want it to look and what information to include when and how. Once I have a rough idea I can perfect this with further storyboarding, clear colour schemes and typography, ensure the imaging is appropriate and understandable and then finally I can begin compiling the final piece.