Beat the charity were not willing to provide a vector image of their logo or colours, so I used identifont to identify that the typeface on the logo is Eurostile but a variation of bold and regular at different tracking and sizes. I also used a colour picker to pick the main two colours from their website the pibk colour being E6057F and the blue being 0061A7, using a png file i found from their website html source, I imported this into illustrator, and made type ontop of the logo to match position and relative size exactly. Now I have the logo complete in illustrator it means I can put it into after effects without it pixelating and I can resize it so it fits. Whilst I was on their website I noticed that the main body of their website and leaflets had the font family of Helvetica,Arial,Verdana,sans-serif, so these maybe options for typefaces of the infographic.