Finish of filming

We started filming on Monday and continued on Thursday. The filming was so time consuming, setting up lighting, camera positions ensuring we all knew what we were doing and that the model had clear directions. We started 9am on Monday with settings up, ensuring we had all props and equipment and began filming at just gone 11am. As most of us had never done any filming it was a steep learning curve on how to make things look best. We started doing all the realistic scenes first so there was true continuity between before she falls asleep and once she has woken up. We managed to get all the realistic scenes done by 5pm, we took many takes of different shots to ensure there would be plenty to work with when editing. The day was quite a dark day so we had to use a lot of artificial lighting, unfortunately once me and Siobhan(the director) had look before Thursday at the takes we had done, we realized it came out quite yellow even though we had customized the white balance and we had to re shoot some due to seeing equipment that was not meant to be in shot, this was quite disheartening.

We started filming Thursday at 9am, it was a lot easier this second time as we all knew what we were doing and we seemed a lot more focused. We began with re shooting the shots we needed to that had obstructing equipment in view, this was quite easy to do as we could remember a lot about where the camera was and positions of lights. We then moved on to the dream scene, and as it was a brighter day we didn’t need to use so much artificial lighting, which makes a more natural finish. The shooting of the dream scene was continuous and really helped us all stay motivated and focused, however we found that the model needed even more direction especially during the emotional parts. In addition the director was working even closer with the main camera person to ensure footage was good. We also had decided to use more of the tripod so the camera doesn’t shake too much. We also managed to re shoot the beginning realistic scene to make lighting more natural and not so orange. We all agreed that the wakening up scenes could still be more orange as you see her turn on lights because its suppose to be dusk/early evening time.

In conclusion, I have learnt so much about filming and there was so much to learn that it was a really steep learning curve. I wish we had more time to re shoot a lot to ensure it looks professional as I’m worried that even though we used a lighting kit it will still look amateur. However, to ensure it looks continuous and professional and of high standard we will need to put a lot of time and effort into the editing. We are all meeting to agree on what takes and shoots to use so me and Siobhan, the main editors, can start compiling the footage to make our three minute film.