Horizontal Website Inspiration

I have decided to go with a horizontal sliding website to make both the information presented in the book and website fit suitably with each other. Also I have decided to try to challenge myself with the horizontal sliding website as this is something I’ve never made before and would really look forward to developing my skills. Below is a couple of examples that I think have worked really well. Often horizontal websites are used mainly for online portfolios for designers and artists. I think this works with the subject matter of my sense of place as it is very personal and consists of more photographs with captions than wordy stories.

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My favourite out of these examples is http://www.charliegentle.co.uk/ because the sliding appears in between a certain window and also the sliding is quite slow so this emphasizes the sliding action but the navigation bar and title remain constant providing good usability. This same technique is used in http://vanityclaire.com/#home I like the bright colours and style of the buttons, however because nothing is constant on the page, it means you have to click home or next or previous before you can actually get to the page you want. I really like the style of http://www.lovebento.com.au/ as it is neat and looks like a slideshow style, it is a shame that the horizontal style is not used on the website as it would lend itself perfectly.