My Creative Input

I have found creating this short film, I have really got involved in every part of the process that I can. I found at the beginning very difficult to start coming up with ideas for what genre of type of film we could do. Also it was quite difficult as we all talked over each other and tried to all put our input in. Once we met up during reading week to brainstorm story ideas and define roles this really helped me to know what I should be doing and jumped in with both feet. I am naturally quite organised always doing lists and reminding people of what to do by when, and organising my own time efficiently. We came up with the initial script and unfortunately our lecturer thought it might not be clear enough to the audience of the story line, so we either had to make it extremely obvious of start from scratch. We decided to start from scratch and I think everyone found this very disheartening, I made sure that we kept going and ensured ideas were still being bounced around even if a few of them were ridiculous and not practical. unfortunately due to the fact that we all commute into uni it was very difficult for us all to communicate and make decisions, so I made the decision on the script, ensured the script writer knew exactly what was happening. I also proof read the script to ensure it made sense. Once we had the majority of the script in place, I organised an official prop list and equipment list and arranged when we would all be available to film and the equipment would be available. I found this part to be the most stressful as I had to ensure everything was in place so when we filmed there was little hiccups. Everything was ready for filming, however I did make a mistake and took a back role as I was under the illusion that we would all be motivated to complete the filming effectively and quickly. This was not the case, in hindsight I can see that people were put off as they had not done a task like this before. I believe this is why we were very slow and slightly inefficient in filming on our first day. So I made sure we were all available to continue filming a few days later and arranged for everything to be the exact same. However this time I ensured our Director was constantly working with the camera person to ensure we got the best shot. I also ensured we knew exactly what part of the script we were filming, and ensured everyone knew what was happening at all times and that everyones idea was heard, this really helped us to progress quickly and achieve everything in an extremely short amount of time.

We began editing the following day and I found this very difficult to begin with as I never used any video editing software before, but as soon as I was shown once how to put a clip in and cut it and place effects on I found I knew what I was doing and was not afraid to try different things. However whilst editing we had found half the shots we had done on the second day were completely un-useable as they were so dark. This made us all upset however we reacted quickly and managed to get equipment and everything to film again on Monday. Me and Siobhan together managed to edit the first minute so the day of editing was not completely wasted.

On the Monday we re-filmed and found the previous group had altered the cameras settings to 60 frames per second, we need ours at 25 frames, so we had to amend this. Again I ensured we were motivated and constantly moving to ensure we used the time effectively. We managed to do all the reshooting in 2-3 hours!!!

We all decided to come in at 9am on Thursday to do the editing. I found the more people were around the slower the progress of editing happened. So once we had cut all the footage, Siobhan and the others left me to place all the effects and amend all colour correction and speed. I found once everyone left that I managed to get so much done as I was able to focus and concentrate on the editing. I ended up staying until approx 7pm and had finished majority of the editing.

Again on Friday we continued editing and again everyone turned up, slowing the progress down. I believe now that if it was just me and Siobhan we could have got it all done in one day.

Christina took the final edited version to add audio onto it, which I did help her find a couple of audio files from Sound Cloud