Problem and Solution

During my last graphic design lecture, we were advised to really think about who our target audience was. I had no idea. No-one really wants to read a book or website that’s all about me??!!

I decided after thinking about it and brain storming and nothing had come up, I was worried that I might have to rethink my sense of place. I decided to do some research into what other books were out there on memories, while a lot of autobiography’s came up, this was not what I really wanted. So I simply googled the word memories.The results varied, but one result was about Alzheimer’s. And then I thought how do these people forget their memory, there must be a psychological or chemical problem in their brains making them to forget. So I thought well how do we make memories, and the research of this has led me to a completely new concept that I’m excited and interested in.

Forgetting Memories.

My sense of place is still memories, but i want to concentrate on 4 main parts on forgetting memories, flashbulb memories, repression, false memories and reconstructive memory; I will then relate these to objects of my alleged memory. I believe this will make a more interesting read and gives me a clearer sense of my target audience.