Something missing?

After completing the animation, I decided there seems to be something missing, like it’s not dynamic enough. It seems really boring. So i decide to have a lot at what extra effects and animation I could add t make it more advanced. I have had a play about with the idea of a pencil sketch look, which might work, and have found a tutorial

I think I will have a play about to see how the pencil sketch affects the videos message.

I have also considered a reflection which I found a really nice free plug-in on I will also try a slight reflection as they make the whole picture seem more 3D and dynamic, but I do wonder if it will look relevant of just be a fancy thing put in the video of no relevance, So I have to be careful on how it effects the video style currently.

I have also brainstormed maybe having a moving background, like swirls that would suit the music. I found this little video on it demonstrates the use of their swirls and textures which is found on the evolution package which you do have to purchase. However the way the swirls move and slowly grow would be excellent for my ambient music. I’m sure I could create the swirls in illustrator and animate and import them into after effects.