Personality and Team Work Assessment

We used Belbins Team Role Theory to help us understand what types of personalities we have and how they fit in with other team members.

After using this tool I came to the conclusion that I am between three of the different personalities, Implementer, Co-ordinator and Shaper. I am definitely practice, reliable and is always focused on the job in hand, whilst I can also  be challenging and provocative whilst still identifying other people’s talent and delegate effectively. I do think some times my focus and provocative nature in trying to achieve the job and using people’s talents as resourcefully as possible, can make me seem manipulative and sometimes offends people. However, as I now understand this I can try to take into consideration other people’s feelings and opinions more, whilst still trying to obtain a balance so I don’t over delegate work to myself like I have done in previous team tasks.

As another tool of understanding how we work as a designer and how this can affect a teams philosophy, we were directed to this article by using this article I came to the conclusion I am The Ella of Frell Designer – unable to say no. I believe this is why I always take on extra tasks in a team as I don’t want to disappoint the other team members, however this is something I have to keep an eye on. Also I need to make sure the team doesn’t constantly think about the result but also think about the process and ensuring they are positively thinking.

This aided us in establishing our team; Fliss Newman, Glenn Mellor, Alana Handford, Katie Marsh, Alice Cadenhead and myself. We all have a variation of skills and a variation of personalities which will aid us in completing this modules assignment.