Self Initiated Project: Brief Research

After reading the brief for this module, I decided to really be able to approach the brief I needed to develop an idea of where I would like my future career to go as this project brief is suitable for a portfolio piece to show future employers. So I know I want to do web design, however this is such a broad subject I decided to do research.

This web page helped me understand the different parts of web design. I think before I truly looked into web designing I always knew what I wanted to do, this research will help me categorise it. To help me understand more I had a look at the job market to see what web design jobs were available. After doing a lot of research I noticed there is a lot wanting people with excellent coding skills and e-commerce skills, unfortunately I do not find that side as interesting as creating the look of the page. So I found two different job descriptions that were exactly what I want to do a Digital Designer or a User Interface Designer.