As we were only given 48hours to do a website, and some servers take 24hours to update and I had other lectures, ment I had approx 4-6 hours to complete a 3-4 page website, which is ridiculous! So unfortunately what me and Katie managed to compile looked poo. I know that but as no-one else in the team had time to do it we were left to code it. Below is what we came up with originally.




After showing this to other team members, they hated it. I don’t blame them. But at this point it was 6pm at night and I had only managed to leave Uni and it takes approx 2-3 hours for me to get home, which ment I couldn’t do any more work until 9pm and had to upload to server before midnight, and no-one else was able to help. So I worked on it a bit more. Which lead me to the following.



I found this incredibly difficult  and so did the rest of the team and we felt that the lecturer didn’t realise how much time and effort goes into making a website. However I am proud of the team and the way they pulled together and completed the redesign of the organisational chart, the A0 poster and a 3 page website. I know the website can be improved and isn’t aesthetically pleasing, however in the time frame we were given its not too bad.