Clients Needs

Trying to understand the clients needs really starts from the brief. The brief has asked us to pitch two campaign concepts that encourage young folk, 2-18year olds, to attend Broadstairs Folk Week 2013. In the brief, they have provided a selection of background information. Below is my summary of the brief.

  • Two design-led campaign concepts
  • Target audience is 2-18 year olds
  • Promote the festival
  • Provoke interest in the target audience
  • Increase attendance from young folk
  • Draw attention to theatre, instrumental sessions, singing, concerts, crafts, performances and workshops
  • Traditional folk festival at the heart with adventurous fringes
  • Folk music in charts?
  • Define audience
  • Define subject matter

Combining this with Broadstairs Folk Week 2012 promotional material and the client communication we have had we can see that the client is:

Started in 1965 and is a charity. Broadstairs Folk Week 2013 is on 9-16 August 2013. Broadstairs Folk week is about celebrating the local folklore, whilst trying to combine it in a modern way to appeal to a wide varied audience. Kent/Morris Folklore has a history of hoddening, which is demonstrated in the hooden horses, which is also known as a hobby-horse. Clarence the dragon has a design based on a hobby-horse, which is ment to bring luck by giving it money, this links in with:

“I know a friendly dragon.  Clarence is his name. He lives by the sea at Broadstairs, and now he’s back again. He likes eating money for dinner every day. So hurry up and feed him before he goes away”