Further development

Whilst discussing my mash-up ideas with my family, they helped me think that maybe a movie poster would be best. I needed to choose a film that was full of irony and satire. After a little bit more research I came to the conclusion that Gulliver’s Travels would be perfect. The whole original book was full of symbolism, critiquing different philosophies and policies. The book is full of satire, it comments often on politics by using the Lilliputians against the Brobdingnagians (different political parties). The book was full of so much revolutionary thought and critiques that Jonathan Swift wouldn’t put his name as the author as he was afraid he would get arrested. ALso there is a lot about lies and deceit and majority of this comes from Gulliver the main character. And the book ends with Gulliver living as a hermit as he has been outlawed by all the different groups.

All of this correlates with Nick Clegg and the way he acts within society and politics.

‘Gulliver’s Travels reflects human beings back to us in all kinds of creatively disgusting ways. This is a book to read when you’re feeling mad at people in general, because boy, Swift is right there with you, hilariously hating all the while. Swift uses his creative reorganization of daily life to create the meanest, funniest, dirtiest rant of the entire eighteenth century – and we have to tell you, this novel has to be read to be believed.’