Changed Mash Up

After showing my last two images to some people, they didn’t really get the message straight away. So I went back to the drawing board. My message is Nick Clegg is a sad, lonely man, that happened to get deputy prime minister but was unable to make it work. I then read this post on how it compared Nick Clegg to Pudsey Bear, ‘a cuddly but tragic mascot’ This then got me thinking about other tragic/sad-looking characters and I immediately thought of Charlie Brown.

‘Charlie Brown is a lovable loser, a child possessed of endless determination and hope, but who is ultimately dominated by his insecurities and a “permanent case of bad luck,” and is often taken advantage of by his peers. He and Lucy Van Pelt star in a running gag that recurs throughout the series: Lucy holds a football for Charlie Brown to kick, but pulls it away before he can kick it, causing Charlie Brown to fly into the air and fall on his back.’

This was perfect and it summed Nick Clegg up. I then struggled on how to turn Nick Clegg into a peanuts character, I’m not a strong cartoonist. So I thought I would find a picture of Charlie brown. Unfortunately I struggled to find a picture of Charlie Brown looking truely upset. I then thought about the other characters of Peanuts and remembered Charlie Brown’s best friend Linus Van Pelt, he was also well known for being very intellectual and being a philosopher but always carried his blanket around with him. I then found which was perfect as I would be able to manipulate the name and image but it still be recognisable as a peanuts character.


On this image I changed the face, and added in a red nose, added Nick Clegg hair. I also decided to change the clothes to a shirt a tie as this is what Nick Clegg always wears. I have also found out that the font is Volta Bold and it has a 1px shadow and a 1px inner glow. So I used that information to change Charlie Browns name to Nick Clegg. I’m happy with this as a final piece and think it is slightly witty