Mash Up Analysis & Essay Prep

My main points in the mash up is the correlation between Nick Clegg and the Peanuts characters. Social Issues will cover how peanuts approach the social issues of everyday and how it uses humour to distract the readers for a brief second away from social issues and also how Nick Clegg has to approach the social issues every day infront of the media through rhetoric. Modernisation is about how Charles Shulz was a modernist and used a variation of pop art and minimalism, this will then relate to the modernisation of the Liberal Deocrats through the coalition. Commodity Fetishism will show how the society perceive each other by means of commodities and how this effects politics by referring to Karl Marx and in contrast I will demonstrate how the characters of peanuts don’t perceive each other by the commodities they have but instead on their personality traits. Through out the essay I will also mention the correlation between how society views Nick Clegg and links between Linus Van Pelt or Charlie Brown.

  • Introduction
  • Social Issues
  • Modernisation
  • Commodity Fetishism
  • Conclusion