As a group we struggled to find something that we all felt answered the brief successfully and was easy to communicate to the client. We went from one concept to another concept. Below are a few of the concepts we have discussed at great length:

– Discovery

– Unplugged

– Codes, puzzles, teasers

– Treasure Map

– App

– Top Trumps (collectible cards)

– Jigsaw puzzle

– Advent Calendar

Most of these ideas linked to discovery and investigation to help inspire children. However we understand the client is a charity and therefore needed something that would fit in their low-budget and would be easy to implement into their advertising campaigns. All the above ideas received both negative and positive feedback from the whole group, and none of us could come up with something effective but simple. It was making us all disheartened. I suggested that we come up with a simple poster campaign as this would cheaper for the client and would be easier to implement.

Now the struggle was how can you combine the idea of discovery with a 2D poster. So we talked about advent calendars and other collectible poster ideas, however nothing seemed to evoke my imagination, maybe I was struggling to stay focused. I  kept thinking about the idea of quizzes or codes or word quizzes but nothing in my mind seemed to work so I didn’t communicate this to the rest of the group. Eventually Fliss came up with the idea of Where’s Wally as inspiration. This really got me excited and I started immediately researching. The only part that concerned me was the illustration, but this would be a challenge that the whole group would need to overcome if we were to continue with this idea.