Reflection: Final Product

Initially the brief seemed like a daunting one, attempting to find a concept that would appeal to a young audience can be a tricky task as young people change what they like so frequently.

I understand my strengths do not lie in creating ideas, I can recognise a good idea when presented with one, but I really struggle coming up with one. So I relied on our Art and Creative directors to push the idea with the designers, I was available to offer constructive feedback on each idea and push them even further with questions relating back to what does the client wants and the brief.

We went through many many ideas until we reached our final idea. When Fliss came up with the idea of ‘Where’s Wally’ it felt like a stroke of genius, and it seemed so simple and really fit in with our discovery idea that would help answer the brief. I ensured Fliss knew what a brilliant idea it was and this great idea really helped the group become more motivated and excited about the final product at a time when it was crucial.

Once we had our final concept it was about implementing it, and we all tried illustrating but Glenn was so good at producing quirky and fun graphics, that the task lie with him. I think we were all concerned that leaving the final product and presentation to him would be too much work for one person. So everyone did a little research and Fliss put together the final presentation whilst Glenn worked on our Final piece, the rest of the group was there to offer their help to each of them and provide feedback. I think this helped us all feel involved and essential to our final piece and final presentation. After Glenn had finished the final piece, he made Fliss’s presentation fit in with our brand, but I made sure he didn’t change any of the information as everything Fliss had put in was important.

I was concerned that during the process that certain people seemed to take on a lot of the tasks, whilst others took a step back, unfortunately this is the case when working in a group, we are all unique and work differently. As a project manager I was there to ensure that the people who took on a lot of tasks felt supported and could unload tasks to me or other members of the team.

In conclusion, as a group we overcame a few problems, but we remained so focused on producing the best final piece that we could as a group. I am happy with how well we worked together and I am proud of our presentation and final piece. When we first started in the group we barely knew each other but now I wouldn’t choose anyone else to work with. I believe my role was essentially in helping everyone feel relaxed enough to communicate their ideas and help the group make decisions, in the end my role became more about communication and feedback and pushing teh group to achieve their best.