Reflection: Group Work

This brief has been split in two which has been difficult because it disrupted momentum and motivation of the group. It took a good few weeks for us to be all up to speed and focused on delivering a good product. However, I also believe the break helped us in bringing our ideas back to basics and helped us in coming up with something simple that answers the brief. As we all seemed to be over complicating things initially.

During the first part of us working on the brief, I took a very proactive role and encouraged everyone’s input, however sometimes this was stressful and not everyone always wants to include their input. So this time I allowed the two directors to keep everything moving forward, whilst I believe they still felt they could ask me to be a bit more pushy and get things done. Towards the end of the project, decisions were becoming more and more crucial and I help the group to make fair decisions and ensure people were happy with the tasks they had delegated to them. I also ensured that I was constructive in any feedback that I gave and that I was one of the first to provide comments in the last stage, and I also used the social media tools to encourage other people’s feedback.

The group was extremely creative with their ideas and really kept on top of communicating with each other, so we really felt part of a design agency. Working in a group can sometimes be extremely difficult as personalities can clash, however this was the best group of people I have worked with, they were all fair and contentious, whilst driving for a successful end piece. In any group you have some people who work differently, and I think this was one of our bigger struggles as a group, as certain members liked to work in advance, whilst others prefered to work at last-minute. However as the project manager I had to ensure the final product and presentation was the best and delivered in a  timely manner, so sometimes this would involve making decisions that would’ve potentially upset others. So I used my proactive skills in ensuring others could understand why the decisions had been made and that it was best for the group, but that their initial input was essential. This also helped ensuring there was no animosity so we could feel extremely positive as to what we have achieved as a group.