As we had learnt how to make a responsive website in the last module I wanted to incorporate some elements of that into this site. However, while I want the website to look good, I want it to function as a dynamic website so I must not spend too much time on the design. Last Module I used gumby framework, and found it easy to use, but limited on features. So I knew Bootstrap had a lot of features and other members of our class raved about it, so I thought I would give it a go this time. It wasn’t as complicated as I originally thought and I’m pleased I decided to go along with this framework. It also has the function of automatically making certain parts responsive, so I allowed the framework to do all the work on the side of it being responsive.

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The only part of the responsive site that frustrates me is the full width carousel, the image is not responsive. And regardless of what I did I was unable to make the image responsive and for the title and sub text to be responsive with it.