Expression Engine

Now the website is designed, it was time to implement it into Expression Engine. Which was a daunting task. I learnt a lot during lessons and I knew this would be a great foundation, but I was worried that I wouldn’t remember what the difference between a channel and a status was. So What I did is I started implementing the site locally first as this is how we did it in lessons. I was amazed at how much I remembered, and managed to get it publishing posts pretty quickly. However what I found difficult was the small details, such as put featured posts in the carousel, which in the end required an if statement to get the JavaScript going. Getting the sidebar news post to not change in a post page ended up with using the tag dynamic=”no”. And there were other small things that cropped up or required a bit of special code to make it work. So sometimes I spent a lot of time on the small details in expression engine. I found the best way to solve a problem was to work consistently, and structured and try to see it as a challenge to be solved.