I feel in this assignment I have learnt so much so quickly. I’m still amazed at how much I have progressed. Whilst my design skills have not progressed as such a fast pace, I still think I am slightly improving. However I was listening to our lecturer suggest to another person that over the summer they should find a website they love and try to recreate it. I think I will try to do that, as I feel I overcomplicate things or my style is sometimes a bit too flamboyant. I need to direct my flamboyance to create something truely original as I want to steer clear of corporate style as it doesn’t make me happy.

The Expression Engine has been such a challenge that sometimes I’ve felt let throwing my computer out of the window, and other times I’ve been so happy that something has happened. It has felt like a whirl wind relationship with Expression Engine, but I’ve learnt that it is definitely beneficial to me and the client, I just need more practice.

On my website I am generally pleased and glad I didn’t try too much and just got to grips with the basics, there are a few bits that I want to improve, but I think this is the way most people feel. You can always improve or certain bits. I feel I would be even more satisfied if I had brought that CE Image Plug-in to really make the feel of the website more like old school circus theme with the blurred black and white images.