End of Year 1

Below is a compilation of all my work so far:





Book Development


This was my first finished draft and I printed it out and realised the front cover and back cover were the wrong way round, so this was immediately corrected. Also the style was incredibly boring so I added some doodles that would improve aesthetics aswell as aid the audience to use the book. I also noticed the page numbers were incorrect so this had to be corrected. The only way I found around this was by using sections which was a bit annoying.

This is my final copy



I was quite daunted to start the making of the website as I knew the horizontal slide would be a challenge and I was afraid that it wouldn’t work. I watched tutorials and read up and downloaded many different basic layouts and eventually I got it to work. Below is the initial frame-work before I put in content and started styling it.I created this by using dreamweaver but hand coding as I find all the dreamweaver buttons are scary and confuse coding in my mind. Also I like the fact that through letters and symbols I’ve made a website look good, and that gives me real satisfaction.

Once the frame-work was successful, I started adding in notepad background, changing the background pattern, then title, and navigation and eventually content. This was the “easy” part. However, occasionally I would try to add in a bit of css and it would stop the horizontal scroll completely, and then spend ages fixing it again. During the making of the website I found the horizontal slide quite difficult especially as I don’t really know javascript. But I did manage to pick up a few bits, but it was definitely difficult to get my head around so I have decided to pick up a few books over the summer and read and teach myself some javascript, so I feel more confident in the future.

I have also found that I enjoy more structured websites and found this really difficult as I kept trying to make it more free and I feel it shows in the outcome. However, this assignment has taught me way more than my first as it was more of a challenge and a lot more hard work(even though it was only one page!!)

One thing I may do differently is make it more interactive, make it maybe more of a puzzle and that way I could have used roll over images and titles more.

Final development

As I thought I was finished I though it would be good to show it to a few people and see their opinion. One person said that in the second part of the video the coloured circles with symptoms in said they couldn’t read them all in the time. So I have removed some of the symptoms so there is less for the audience to read.

Also someone else said the background where the flower vectors move and develop cannot really be seen. I don’t want them to be too obvious so I have upped the transparency from 15% to 20%. I have also trimmed the ending as it wasn’t finishing just right.

So here is finally the final piece.