Book Development


This was my first finished draft and I printed it out and realised the front cover and back cover were the wrong way round, so this was immediately corrected. Also the style was incredibly boring so I added some doodles that would improve aesthetics aswell as aid the audience to use the book. I also noticed the page numbers were incorrect so this had to be corrected. The only way I found around this was by using sections which was a bit annoying.

This is my final copy



Now what..?

Once I had my title sorted, this really drived my content. I took pictures of specific objects that would relate to my memories that would relate to the four different types of recalling memories. See below for the pictures I actually took, and then after is the old styled photos that were done in photoshop that I will use in the book and on the website.

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Front Cover

Here  is the image part of my front cover so far:

To create this I used a variation of Photoshop brushes found on Deviantart stock resources.§ion=&q=ink+blot#/d7h3ln§ion=&q=ink+blot#/d19kra9

I then created half the brain/ink blot image on one layer and copied it onto a separate layer and reflected it as if it was an actual ink blot.


I felt the title of the book/website was bugging me the most and stopping me from moving on, I looked at meaning of memories and the mind and memory, and came across the word Subconscious, which means the following:


1. existing or operating in the mind beneath or beyond consciousness: the subconscious self. Compare preconscious, unconscious.
2. imperfectly or not wholly conscious: subconscious motivations.

3. the totality of mental processes of which the individual is not aware; unreportable mental activities.
This really sums up what I’m exploring within my book and website. However just calling it The Subconscious doesn’t really say much and seems too factual. So I thought maybe I want to make the subconscious seem more important and maybe it is just as important as the conscious mind. So I explored the word important and found the word significant. So there is my title.
The Significant Subconscious.


Whilst still getting my head around using InDesign to create the book, and a bit daunted by the website coding, I decided I would look it to the typography of both as I want there to be a consistent style. I want the style to be slightly handwritten as if to say its someones memories. Because I wanted the same typeface for both this has limited me to using @fontface kits. Below are a few trials that I did.

Out of these typefaces I really like the first one because its easy to read but still looks a little like someones handwriting, it is called Veggieburger and can be found at

I need to decided what typeface I would like on the book cover and in the website header as I may want something more elaborate, especially if it will be incorporated in with the ink blot.


As per my previous mock ups, On my website I have a pattern as the wrapper and in the book it is my inside covers on the back of the covers.

I want a bright colour pattern that reminds the audience of child hood memories but had a link to psychology. So I looked at a few optical illusions, but decided this was too much and didn’t remind me of childhood so I don’t think it would remind others. So I took a detour and had a break from focusing and I came across this awesome website where I found the below video

Yes this video is annoying to watch and a bit crazy, but it reminded me of kaleidoscopes that you had when you were younger. So I looked into patterns about this and came across a few shown below and also a tutorial on how to create my own patterns

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