I believe our presentation seems to have worked out quite well and we have explored enough opportunities to show we have thought outside of the box aswell as been obvious. In the time frame we were given I believe a lot of work has been put in by all members and it shows in the quality of the presentation we have created. However we will not know how good or not it is until we have our critique on Thursday. Working in a group is difficult as you have to work with everyone’s different styles and ways they work. For example im extremely organised and like to be able to manage my time effectively so I like to know when I will receive something, whilst others like to work on the deadline as the pressure makes them work better. Also I think if we were to work in a group again more communication is needed so we can bounce ideas of each other.


Assignment 1 Graphic Design Final

This is my final design for my first assignment for Graphic Design. I feel I have done a good job at portraying the concept of social anxiety within this typography piece. I felt the emotion I chose was difficult enough for this to be a challenge but broad enough to give me plenty to research. In the time frame we were given I believe I have developed the idea far enough for it to clearly portray the concept. However, if I had more time I would have tried to develop it even further by making it even more simple. One thing that I felt quite limiting was the amount of free fonts available, so if I was to do this again I could use other fonts.

After brainstorming

After brainstorming we thought as we all live quite far away from each other that we should split up the work evenly, we all did bits of the research. My main role was to compile the whole presentation, this involved chasing up for work, filling in blanks where we hadn’t considered who would do what, it would involve coming up with the design of the presentation and the whole layout. On top of this I also had my even share of the research to do, 3 initial ideas and a developed idea to represent.We have now got 32 pages in the presentation.

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Banksy Street Art

As I thought I would take a bit of time away from the assignments to relax and take a short break I came across http://jasonthomasarchitect.wordpress.com/tag/banksy/ and he showed a few pieces of this street artist banksy, if I’m honest I don’t really like street art, however there was something amusing but real about his work you can find more examples and info onĀ http://www.banksy.co.uk

Lens Based Profile Final

After showing this to my lecturer we discussed what the most important part of the picture was and how to direct the viewers eye to that. So on this I have changed a few branches and believe this definitely makes a stronger picture with more direction instead of just a block of trees. I have added more light behind me and upped the golden skin tones of my skin slightly. I have added highlights and shadows and a drop shadow to the forefront branches include an insect and a tiny bit of moss. This all makes this picture more dynamic and I also feels it gives more movement to the image. Let me know what you think.

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